NO DIG INDIA SHOW 2023 13th International Conference & Exhibition on Trenchless Solutions for Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Electricity & Telecommunication Utility Industry 08th & 09th December 2023, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Most of our subsurface utility network particularly that of the metro cities was laid decades ago and is in dire need of upgradation. As of now, repair and maintenance actions of subsurface pipelines are mostly of emergency nature, where the rectification is done only to repair the damaged parts. These actions should transition from reactive to preventive measures.

Failures in water & sewerage distribution systems, leads to leakages, NRW, contamination of groundwater and in extreme conditions can lead to road cave-ins or surface infrastructure collapse. In Oil & Gas distribution system, this may cause significant hazardous situations, accidents, environmental hazards, economic losses, to the utility owner both in terms of commodity as well as penalties.

The decision to repair and replacement of the utility heavily banks upon the present condition and therefore the importance of Pipeline Condition Assessment.

The need is to reform the existing policy framework and guidelines for subsurface utility network and adoption of apt pipeline condition assessment techniques followed by proper rehabilitation process resulting in a sustainable subsurface utility infrastructure. These policy reforms will also curb the sewer worker/cleaner’s unfortunate casualties which are rising across the nation owing to current man entry practices.

To address the needs of rehab and to provide multiple alternatives for Subsurface Pipeline Integrity Management to the stakeholders, Indian Society for Trenchless Technology is organizing 13th edition of No Dig India Show 2023 on 8th & 9th December 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA, where conglomeration of leading industry professionals will discuss, deliberate and showcase their products, technologies and best practices that will define the way forward for the policy framework and guidelines for the Indian Trenchless Industry.

The Brochure, Registration form and details for sponsorship are listed below. Please click on the link and download them for submission.:

No Dig India Show 2023 - Brochure

No Dig India Show 2023 - Floor Plan

No Dig India Show 2023 - Registration Form

No Dig India Show 2023 - Exhibitor Contract Form

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