CIDC-UNECE Centre of Excellence -for PPP Projects in Roads and Highways

UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has signed an MoU with CIDC (Construction Industry Development Council), a body of the Planning Commission, Government of India, to build the frameworks required to ensure success in PPP projects in the Roads and Highways sectors, which are a major focal area in infrastructure of India. The collaboration involves building a Centre of Excellence which
will involve stakeholders from Public and Private segments in India and other South Asian Countries. The Centre has been set up in Delhi. Dr. P.R. Swarup, Director General, CIDC is the Secretary General and Mr. Sunil Mahajan, Addl. DG, CIDC is the Secretary. It will be formally launched on March 7th, 2014 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The Centre in India is affiliated to the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Projects undertaken on a Public Private Partnership have had an unacceptably low rateof success across the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. Many of these projects involve funding by International multilateral funding agencies like IMF, ADB etc. The reasons are multifarious and mainly revolve around the diverse legal & socioeconomic frameworks in individual countries. In view of the concerns relating to this, the UN Development account started the Public-Private Partnership Alliance programme for capacity-building in infrastructure development and provision of basic services

Objective: To increase the capacity of Governments to promote, develop, operate and manage public-private partnership projects for infrastructure development and the provision of basic services.

The project will be executed by ESCAP, with the collaboration of ECA and ECE, and will focus on selected countries in all three regions. It will build upon available expertise, institutions and arrangements within the three collaborating regional commissions and other United Nations entities (such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment programme), thus using considerable synergies in public-private partnership development. Pl see for details:

About the Centre:

This specialist centre will play a high-profile role in leading the developmentand dissemination of knowledge and global best-practice in the delivery of PPP projects and programmes within the roads and highways sector.

The growth and development of physical infrastructure in India has been a remarkable phenomenon during last two decades, and successful construction of transportation systems has been responsible for a sustained economic growth, and substantial employment opportunities in India.

The impetus provided by the Indian government for creation of world class physical infrastructure has led to formation of many PPPs for execution of infrastructure projects. Many of the partnerships have either failed to take off or have found the going difficult. The newly-established Centre would work as an agent of change to bring national policies to fruition.

In order to address the complex issues of balance between legitimate private and public interest through a long term contractual venture and to disseminate the information throughout the world, the UNECE has developed the concept of specialist PPP Centres affiliated to the International PPP centre of Excellence as repositories of international PPP best practice.

The setting up of the Specialist Center as a full-time body will facilitate development of this segment with support and involvement of all stakeholders concerned with mconstruction including government bodies, public and private sector agencies, which take up and supervise the execution of projects, the manufacturers and suppliers of construction machinery equipment and materials, and the contractors who actually undertake the construction, and also the scientific, technical and training institutions, designers and consultants. The involvement of all stakeholders will ensure a unified, balanced view on this vital issue and help evolve necessary strategies and their seamless implementation.

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