India Construction Week - 2020

Construction industry, world over, has borne extreme losses due to onslaught of COVID pandemic, so much so, that the pain and scars inflicted upon the industry, due to damages and losses, will haunt its stakeholders for a long time to come. Even today, the pandemic is far from being over, and the damages & losses are continuing unabated. The green shoots are, however, visible as the industry operations have started under the shadow of pandemic. To heal and revive the construction industry, what we need are collaborative and joint actions by constituents. These, irrespective of the presence of pandemic, will hasten the industry recovery process bringing our industry back to its pre-COVID status as quickly as possible.

These acts would have to focus on the current situations, evolve recovery guidelines, systems and procedures to address emergency situations that have evolved in almost all segments of Construction Industry, and create or rejuvenate networks of individuals and bodies to meet the challenges in the Post-COVID world. Such actions could be successfully achieved by leveraging the synergy of existing professional organizations of engineering trade serving construction industry.

To achieve these objectives, Construction Industry Development Council, the apex organization of Indian Construction Industry, jointly with Indian Society for Trenchless Technology and supported by associate organizations, is organizing the India Construction Week 2020, an Online International Conference and Exhibition from 1st to 5th December 2020. The Week shall deliberate on the critical issues and chart course of action to be followed by the Industry to come out of current state and become vibrant soon.

India Construction Week-2020 is a multi stream event planned to have several integral events ranging from Conferences, Live Shows, Interactive Exhibition, Live Visits to projects and/or production facilities of exhibitors, Technical Training Programs, Release of guidelines and technical publications, and launch of training portal to meet the training and education needs for fast revival of the industry.

One stream shall be from CIDC, and participating CIDC Associate Organisations, to deliberate and address critical issues facing the respective industry domains today and paving the way for solutions. Second stream shall be from IndSTT, wherein the No-Dig India Show 2020, the flagship annual event of IndSTT focused at subsurface constructions, shall be conducted for achieving similar objectives as the first stream. Industry subsectors under discussion shall include Construction Materials, Services, and skills, Engineering Technology and Education, Arbitration, Consultancy, and Trenchless Technology.

The event is partnered by EPCom - CEM- Purdue University, USA, International Infrastructure Solutions - LLC, USA, World Trade Center-Indianapolis (WTC-Indy), USA, North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), USA, Buried Asset Management Institute - International (BAMI-I), USA, Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE), USA, IKT, Germany, International Institute of Utility Specialist, Hongkong, Consulting Engineers Association of India, India.

India Construction Week shall have the following components:

1. Online interactive Conference comprising of a series of webinars on theme subject primarily aimed at reviving the Construction Industry, highlighting the importance of good construction practices, processes, and guidelines in post COVID world and providing guidelines, operating procedures, standards, and economic parameters required for specific domains of construction industry.

2. Online interactive workshops from equipment manufacturers highlighting their products & services, equipment safety, productivity, operating procedures, and benefits of using OEM products and services, and launching new products and services.

3. Online interactive workshops from Project owners, highlighting project details, both completed as well as planned ones to provide inputs for other project owners in their projects, and to invite inputs/suggestion for planned projects.

4. Online interactive workshops from Consultants, highlighting project case studies of executed projects and/or special techniques evolved/practiced by them, and proposing guidelines on the basis of such projects.

5. Online training programs on various construction/allied fields for continued proficiency development and cultivation of professionals in various domains of Construction Industry.

6. Online Live shows, demonstrating construction/allied techniques for enhanced understanding of the live show participants and clarification of their doubts in the highlighted construction techniques.

7. Digital Exhibition on Event portal, comprising of display of company video/presentation playing as and when the visitor clicks on the link on the event portal during the show period.

8. Live interactive multi channel digital booths for providing interactive sessions with the show visitors with the event exhibitors through video conferencing.

9. Live interactive multi channel digital booths for project site / equipment manufacturing plant / allied location visits for the show participants.

10. Live interactive Chat rooms to assist networking of show participants and providing interactive platform for discussing issues of interest and doubt clarification.

11. Online release of Technical & Commercial Publications.

12. Launch of educational portal for training and education in various engineering & technology and allied field.

For more information on show please use the following links:

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